Is this the Ideal Machine for ‘Hard Pressed’ Dairy Farmers?

McCormick tractor distributor AgriArgo has come up with the ideal machine for hard-pressed dairy farmers needing a reliable power unit for the daily cleaning-up routine – the 74hp X4.35M.

Likely to be available for less than £17,950 on-farm in two-wheel drive form and £19,950 with four-wheel drive, the tractor is from the new McCormick X4M Series, so it benefits from the manufacturer’s latest transmission, axle, and hydraulics.

“Argo developed the new X4M Series for markets where very simply-equipped tractors such as this are commonplace,” explains Sales Director Ray Spinks, AgriArgo. “It’s not the sort of tractor we would normally sell here – but we recognised what a great low-cost, mid-size scraper tractor the X4.35M would be.”

It has a straight-forward mechanical clutch and 12×12, 40kph shuttle gearbox with 540rpm pto. Radial rear tyres (14.9R28) are included for good grip and long service life, with a 12.4R36 no-cost option on the four-wheel drive version. A dual element hydraulic pump provides 20-litre/min dedicated to steering and 45-litre/min to supply the 2700kg rear hitch and either one or two single/double acting spool valves.

Standard equipment includes radial rear tyres (slightly narrower 14.9R28s than the 420/70R30 tyres pictured) for good grip and wear resistance.

One of the keys to the tractor’s low on-farm price is the 4.4-litre Perkins 1104D-44 engine, which is built to Stage 3 / Tier 3 emissions rules.

 “It has mechanical rather than electronic fuel injection and doesn’t even have a turbocharger, so it’s about as simple an engine as you can get,” notes Ray Spinks. “Turbo charging and electronic fuelling have their place, of course; they’re essential for more powerful tractors that must meet tighter emissions rules and the electronics bring speed control features and other advantages.

“But for a scraper tractor, you want something as simple as possible for low purchase and running costs; you get that with the X4.35M plus the reliability and low maintenance demands of a modern, new tractor.”

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