Are you Europe’s Best Tractor Driver?

The European Drivers’ Championship in June 2017. At the Michelin test site in France, 16 drivers from across Europe will put their tractor driving skills to the ultimate test using the new John Deere 6250R.

Eight brand new John Deere 6250R tractors equipped with the new CommandPRO joystick will be available for the competition. Featuring a maximum output of 300hp, each tractor will be pulling a Joskin 29-tonne tandem axle trailer and all the machines will be equipped with Michelin tyres. The participants will be the first customers to drive the tractor in real life conditions.

Each driver will choose their own strategy at the beginning of the competition and select appropriate tractor settings as well as the most suitable tyre pressures. Once this is done, the competitors have to finish a field and road course which they have to complete as quickly as possible whilst taking into consideration the fuel consumption and any soil compaction. Performance will be scored in the following categories: speed, fuel efficiency, soil compaction and driving skills.

John Deere’s aim in the competition is to highlight how well- trained operators can maximise performance of their tractors. The results should show how the driver can save time and money by making the right decisions and with the right machine settings.

Those who would like to take part should apply now at and then attract as many ‘likes’ as possible from their social media community. The 16 candidates with the most likes will be invited to Michelin’s technology centre and proving ground to represent their home country in the European Drivers’ Championship

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