Vicious teen spared jail after repeatedly beating a cow and young calf

In 2016 a teenage farmworker was filmed on a Somerset dairy farm kicking and punching nursing cows and throwing newborn calves on the floor. Today (26th April) he was handed a 12 week suspended prison sentence.

The attack happened on a Taunton farm in December last year where the teen was filmed using a secret camera set up by the charity, Animal Equality UK. The footage shows him violently kicking a cow, stomping on, and throwing a newborn calf to the ground. The attack took place over an extended and prolonged period of time and saw the individual aggressively twisting cows’ tails and repeatedly slamming metal gates into them.

Alongside the sentence which the charity have said to be “extremely disappointed with” 19 year old apprentice Owen Nichol has been disqualified from working with farmed animals for 2 years and received a £450 fine alongside 150 hours of unpaid work.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]We are extremely disappointed that this dairy farm worker has not been sent to prison for the disgusting attacks on vulnerable cows and calves revealed by our investigation. Or given a lifetime ban from working with animals. Anything less than a custodial sentence is wholly inadequate punishment for these disturbing acts of cruelty.” Animal Equality UK[/perfectpullquote]

The RSPCA who brought the charges against Owen Nichol said they were pleased that the footage was brought to their attention

Jon Pollock, RSPCA inspector said; “It showed a prolonged attack on defenceless animals who should not have been subjected to such treatment. The cows and calves in the footage were in the care of Nichol who instead of helping them directed anger and violence towards them.”

The video contains content that some viewers may find distressing.

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