10 reasons why farmers make the best dads

Farming dads don’t always get to read bedtime stories or make it to all the school events. However, despite the long hours, why do farmers make the best dads?

ONE Farm kids get a ride-on tractor the same colour as their dad’s tractor – perfect for imitating Dad.

TWO Farm dads order a tonne of sand for “building work” and put it in a huge sandpit.

THREE Farm dads provide an assortment of pets: Pet lambs, barn kittens, puppies, chickens, calves – a guinea pig is no competition against these.

FOUR Every day can be a “take your child to work day” as they herd the livestock together.

FIVE Farm kids pick the perfect disused tyre for a swing.

SIX When he’s too far away to come to the house for dinner, the field makes a great venue for a picnic.

SEVEN There’s no problem persuading Dad to give you a driving lesson: he’s eager to get you driving the farm machinery.

EIGHT When it snows, farm kids are the coolest kids in school when Dad comes to get them in the tractor.

NINE Dads are sometimes lenient and let children stay up late during harvest time.

TEN Farming dads prove that you can be anything you want to be.  He is also a veterinarian, mechanic, builder, carpenter, plumber, welder and handyman, often interchanging on a daily basis.

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Wondering how to pamper him on Father’s Day?

Chocolate usually goes down well, so create a written message with the names of some chocolate bars filling in some words. For example “we think you are out of this world, beyond Mars and out of this Galaxy”.

If buying him something for the farm, make sure to keep the receipt so he can put it down as a farm expense!

You can also ensure that the gift doubles as a gift for you. You could have fun flying a drone together.  Buying him a new collie pup might save you some running.

Look on Etsy for some great t-shirts with farming slogans.

If you’re broke yet old enough to milk on your own, then vouchers promising to do the milking could go down well.

Lorna 🙂

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