The memoirs of a farmers daughter

& why we're the best breed!

If there is anything that I absolutely love about my life, it’s my farming heritage. If I were to write an autobiography it would be called ‘The Memoirs of a Farmer’s Daughter’. There’s a reason there are songs written about us, it’s because we are graceful, memorable and resilient to name a few.

Any bio that you see of me will probably start with ‘Dairy Farmers Daughter’, this is a part of my life which is etched into every inch of myself. When I’m not farming, I’m thinking about the farm and all the hopes and dreams that I have around it.

It hit home recently when a fellow farmer’s daughter said she would never marry a farmer, she said all she recalls of her parents when she was younger was them out on the farm every day. Whilst I recall the same experiences, it’s almost as if I just skim over these memories as being negative but see them as being the most positive and life changing things.

I’ve been brought up with an amazing work ethic, whilst it is known I enjoy time off when I can, I am almost too enthusiastic to spend my days doing my marketing manager role, and getting home to either go milk the cows or tend to my flock of sheep’s needs.


You’re most likely to find me working alongside my other (better) half. I know that as much as he enjoys me bustling about with him, he finds it strange that I wouldn’t spend my weekends any other way than milking his cows and tending to any other jobs he throws my way.

Working with your family is a whole different experience especially when you live together too. There isn’t really any space to escape, and learning to get over annoyances quickly is key. My mum has the patience of a saint, moving cattle with my step-dad means you need to be a mind reader to know where he wants you to stand and getting it wrong just isn’t acceptable. Though, always amusing for me, my mum and little sister.

“I genuinely wouldn’t spend my weekends any other way than milking cows”

Farmers daughters are a resilient breed, and we are able to fit into so many different roles. We’re never afraid of learning new skills and go at a new challenge like a bull in a china shop. Cattle AI, foot trimming, finances, new enterprises, tipping 70kg ewes, understanding where you have livestock you have deadstock, caring for younger siblings/nephews/nieces, putting meals on the table last minute, throwing tyres around at silaging time. I’m sure you’ll agree, we are a good bunch.

If my family and friends were to say anything about me, they’d say I’m an optimist and an eternal positive thinker. Reading this column back, I’m beginning to think that I am.

Cesca 🙂

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Cesca Beswick

This is Dairy ambassador, farmers daughter and family lass. Entrepreneur in Dairying 2016. See my blog at or tweet me @Cesca_Beswick

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