Operation countryside

Joint initiative to tackle rural crime

A rural crime fighting force has swung into action across Scarborough and Rydedale in a bid to stop cross-border criminals. Operation Countryside is a joint effort involving local officers and specialist skills using intelligence reports and live-time automatic number plate recognition to track suspicious vehicles.

Livestock theft, vehicle theft, fly tipping, sheep worrying, poaching, arson, vandalism and fraud are becoming a major problem for UK farmers.  Many offenders travel from urban areas into the countryside to steal machinery.   

North Yorkshire police Inspector Jon Grainge says “Operation Countryside will see specialist police resources deployed proactively across Scarborough and Rydedale’s road networks, dealing with road traffic offences, targeting suspicious vehicles and creating a hostile environment for cross-border criminals.  Criminals who travel to the Scarborough and Rydale areas will find it very difficult to get in and out again without being spotted, stopped and challenged.”

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