Finance to fit cropping cashflow

McCormick introduce limited time deals

McCormick distributor AgriArgo UK has introduced a special time-limited offer in partnership with ARGO Finance that will help arable farmers in particular purchase a new McCormick X7 Series tractor.

The new interest-free zero-plus-five scheme involves an initial payment on November 1 this year, followed by four subsequent annual payments that also fall due on the first day of November.

That in itself is an attractive approach as the payments coincide with arable farmer cash-flows from harvest receipts. Moreover, there is no interest to pay on the amount borrowed, which can be up to 50 per cent of the retail list price of the machine – so potentially a greater proportion of the amount paid after a deal is struck.

AgriArgo UK Sales Director Ray Spinks said;

“This time-limited offer is available now through to the end of September. So the sooner the deal is done, the greater the financial benefit to the farm business because there’s nothing to pay until the beginning of November.”

The same finance package can also cover a McCormick MClassic or MPower loader for the X7 Series tractors, which will be supplied from current stock held by dealers in Great Britain and Northern Ireland or by AgriArgo at its Harworth base in south Yorkshire.

McCormick X7 semi-powershift tractors with a 24×24 or 40×40 creep transmission start with the 143hp X7.440 and extend to the six-cylinder X7.680 with 188hp for draft work, 212hp for pto and transport applications. All are available to Premium and simpler Efficient specifications.

The stepless transmission McCormick X7 VT-Drive Premium tractors start at 136hp for draft work, boosting to 146hp for transport and pto implements with the X7.440, and stretch to the X7.670 with 180hp and 194hp outputs.


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