Improvements made to Greening rules

The Scottish Government has committed to amending several rules associated with the Greening element of farm support.

NFU Scotland has regularly raised its concerns that Scottish Government interpretation of certain rules place Scottish growers at a disadvantage compared to farmers in other parts of the UK and Europe.

In a letter to the Union, Scottish Government has confirmed that changes to the rule book will be made and farmers informed of the new requirements in due course and in time for 2018 scheme year.


Field drains on Ecological Focus Area (EFA) fallow land can be maintained providing certain conditions are met.

Farmers will be allowed to establish EFA fallow on land claimed the previous year as temporary grassland in year five (TGRS 5).

NFU Scotland President Andrew McCornick said:

“We thank the Scottish Government for taking on board the arguments made by NFU Scotland on these points. I firmly believe these common-sense improvements on Greening rules will still deliver on all the environmental and biodiversity requirements set by Greening but give farmers greater flexibility on how they manage EFA fallow land.”

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