12 things every farmer’s daughter can relate to…

A hilarious look at the life of a farmer's daughter by young farmer and 'This is dairy' ambassador Cesca Beswick

Growing up on a farm means you’re put in some very unique situations, so much so that when you try and explain to your non-farming friends, they do come across as rather bizarre. When I think back, there are so many moments when I think ‘yeah, I’m definitely a farmer’s daughter!’

Here are my top moments…

You can talk farming

Yes I know that sounds silly, but just bare with me on this one okay? I’ll set the scene…

Imagine a group of 20 something year old females on a hen do in Cumbria, a small local pub, we’re all giggly and excited over the weekend ahead of us. I head to the bar to order a pint in a lovely oak beamed building, it must have been 300+ years old.

I over hear two chaps talking about market prices, that morning I’d been to market with the calves so I was fairly well versed in pricing by this point. Me, Eric and Chris stood for the next two hours talking farming, much to the amusement of my friends, especially when a shot of tequila was passed my way, I couldn’t down it fast enough so I could carry on with my market chat.

Sandwich choices

I’m thinking right back now, but there was a moment when I opened my lunchbox to find a carefully wrapped  sandwich which mum prepared that morning, I’d requested my favourite filling, knowing full well that when my friends ask what I had for lunch they’d give the ‘ewwwww gross!!’ and screwed up faces reaction. It was cows tongue, and my gosh it’s delicious!

“She can lift, bro”

To fund my studies*, I worked in a local pub every weekend. The manager was a 5 ft2” blonde lady, she could get any of the punters to do as she wanted. One evening she shouted ‘barrel needs moving!’ a lad from the rugby team with broad shoulders was eager to help, until he was told ‘no, sorry, Cesca’s best for this job, she’s the strongest here’. The poor lad was red in the face when he watched me lift barrels around the cellar like they were made from foam.
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Farm sitting

I’ve always been entrusted with the farm when my parents and little sister go on holiday. It was the summer of 2013, I had a couple friends over to visit when a thunderstorm broke out, the whole farm yard flooded under a foot of water. I had the two of them in flip flops unblocking drains, it’s safe to say they still laugh over the memory, even if they struggled to get rid of the slurry smell from their hands for weeks.

Unusual presents

From an early age I’ve definitely received unusual gifts. A few Christmas’ ago my favourite present was my pen knife. For Christmas 2009 I bought my parents two Kune Kune pigs, they had literally NO idea, we walked into the kitchen with them and let the fun begin.



I’m not your typical girl as it were, I have a haircut once a year (it’s curly so you don’t even notice when it is chopped) and only recently had my nails and eyelashes done for the first time. I’m happiest in a pair of wellies, it’s to the point now where I receive a text message for a ‘swift one at the local?’ closely followed by ‘leave the wellies at home, you stank the place out last time!’

Pfft, they’ll never understand the comfort.

Chores galore

After YFC parties or nights out, it’s not uncommon for friends to stay over, they’re always greeted with a lovely breakfast. It was only the other month when Lucy stayed over, she was up and ready for a days eventing on her horse, wearing her jodhpurs when I said we can’t go until I do a few chores. It’s safe to say I had Lucy on a tractor scraping out a few sheds before we went off on the horses for the day.

Secret machinery geek

I’m not an outward machinery geek, but I do like to surprise people with my secret knowledge of tractors and machinery. It was only the other week that sat having breakfast a John Deere with a baler on the back was coming past the farm. Someone at the table said ‘oh that sounds quite nice for a Deere’ to which I replied ‘it’s an R Series look.. that’s why it sounds different’. Proud moment alert when they looked at me very surprised!

Patience is a virtue

The tradition on Christmas day morning is to await for all milking, cow, sheep, and poultry jobs to be done before we open our presents. Explaining this to friends when I was growing up was always met with comments of ‘as if you wait until 10am! I wake up at 5am and open all my presents!’.


Shopping trips

Last Sunday I was treated to a morning out shopping by my boyfriend. The idea of going to a supermarket or shopping centre gives me hives, but this g trip was literally the best thing ever. I was woken at 5:30am to drive the Defender for 2 hours to the top of the Peak District to buy no other than 4 piglets! It’s safe to say I was buzzing all day. You definitely know you’re a farmer’s daughter when a shopping trip for livestock gets you excited.

Glam farming

This was only 12 months ago and still makes me chuckle when I think about it. My auntie was getting married at our local family church, we walked back to the farm and I knew it was around the time that my two cade lambs would be ready for their lunch. I whipped my dress off and slipped my overalls on proclaiming to mum ‘I’ve never worn just underwear with overalls’ to which she replied ‘oh I have plenty of times!’ with a grin on her face. Cheeky!

Mothering instinct

The mothering instinct comes in really handy when you’re presented with a calf or lamb which just needs some extra TLC or feeding. Our instincts kick in and patience prevails!

I’m 100% certain that I’m not the only farmers daughter who has experienced these situations in one way or another. We really are a special breed 😊

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Cesca Beswick

This is Dairy ambassador, farmers daughter and family lass. Entrepreneur in Dairying 2016. See my blog at or tweet me @Cesca_Beswick

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